Construction of private houses

There are surely many aspects to building a private house that meets all your needs. We will guide and support you through each step of the way, from your idea to handing you the keys of your dream home. We have built beautiful cosy homes from an idea to key ready in less than half a year, so don´t hesitate to contact us.

Installation of house elements

Creating a building out of pre-fabricated elements is the fastest and smartest way to get it done with minimum costs on site. Whether you want to build a home or a garage, renovate an office building, sauna or an apartement building – we can consult, deliver and install nature-friendly prefabricated timber element houses, healthy and traditional log houses or prefabricated house modules with internal finishing done. With our trusted partners we can offer a large selection of options tailored to meet your personal needs and preferences.


We provide professional tiling services for all the available variety of materials (natural, composite and ceramic) and tile sizes. Whether you want to tile walls, floors, kitchens or bathrooms for your residential or commercial buildings, we have experience in installing tiles from mosaic size (1cmx1cm) to big slab tiles (1,2m x 3m). Don´t worry, size doesn’t matter to us. We can provide consultation on what type and size tiles might best suit your needs and our trusted partners can offer the exact tiles you need.

Interior works

Interior design is what turns the house into a cosy home, an accommodation service into warm and welcoming housing and an office building into a great place for inspired work. Whether you want to build an interior wall in an existing room (on a metal frame, wooden frame, masonary blocks etc), change your flooring (parquet, laminate, wooden etc), redesign your whole interior, install new doors, stairs, moldings or build a completely new kitchen or a bathroom, we will do it for you, no hassle. Tell us what you´d like to have and we will offer a great variaty of options on quality materials, design and modern solutions. Our trusted partners can offer different high-quality products and materials from modern kitchen solutions to long lasting, quality furniture according to your taste and preferences.

Raised floor installation

Regardless if you have a data center, an office building, a laboratory or any other demanding property and you are in need of a raised floor solution, we can help you out. We will provide consultation, options to choose from, ordering and delivering materials when needed and installing everything from start to finish. We can also offer covering the raised floor with carpet. Our experience in installing raised floors in very demanding projects has given us the opportunity to gather valuable knowledge regarding the best available solutions and how to implement them in your design. You can trust us with your raised floor work, we will take care of it.

Painting works

We provide all varieties of paint jobs – whether you have an old building that needs a fix up or you need a first grade paint job to be done on your new home, for us it does not matter. Our painters do a great job both on the old and the new, both interiors and exteriors of buildings, making the finished result look clean, professional and crisp. Leave your painting works to us and you will never have to worry about cracks, broken corners, shedding paint or inconsistencies on the surface.

Carpentry works

Carpentry is a demanding craft highly valued in the construction business. Our skilled carpenters are experienced in building and installing wooden roof structures, renovating old wooden and log houses, building and renovating saunas and cottages, building terraces, installing doors, moldings, windows, facade boards and many more. Our aim is to please with quality work and make the finished result connect seamlessly with the rest of surrounding design, like it’s always belonged there. So if you have an idea regarding any type of carpentry works, no matter how detailed, we will make this idea a reality. We will support you each step of the way.


The facade of your building is the first thing people notice. We are here to keep up with the demands regarding the quality, safety, nature-freindliness and other material and installation requirements you might have for your facade. Whether you want to build, insulate, renovate or cover the exterior wall surface of your real estate, you’ve come to the right place. We have experience in wooden cladding, metal sheet cladding, fiber cement plates, decorative render and many other materials. So if you are looking for a high-quality facade that matches your expectations and taste with full service from consultation to a seamless result, give us a call and let’s get started.